Mango & Date Salsa Recipe

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

This sweet tropical topping is simply delicious! It's like going on a trip.. in your mouth! 😛 but for like a 1/100 of the price 😂! This topping is great for yogurt, toast, pancakes and even salmon! (For a protein pancake recipe CLICK HERE)

This is an easy recipe that will bring a lot of flavour to your foods. I hope you enjoy my friends!!


1/2 Mango

1 Medjool Date

1/2 tbsp. Cinnamon

1 tbsp Hemp Seeds

1 tbsp Silvered Almonds


1. Cut mango in small squares (1cm x 1cm)

2. Cut dates in small pieces

3. Mix together

4. Add cinnamon and hemp seeds. Mix

5. Top with almonds




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Marie-Pier Pitre-D'Iorio

B.Sc. Psychology | B.Sc. Psychologie      

Registered Dietitian | Diététiste Professionelle