Pumpkin Chili 🎃

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

It's that time of year again.. it's getting colder, it's getting darker, the leaves are starting to change & best of all it's PUMPKIN TIME! (Woohoo!) Fall is a time to enjoy warm meals all cuddle up inside #comfortfood. Chili is a SUPER-meal: high in protein, high in fiber, complex carbohydrates & full of flavour. I never really like the original recipe.. too much tomatoes for my taste. So one day I looked in my cupboards and saw beans and pumpkin puree...and BAM: pumpkin chili was born in my household! So here we go my friends, I hope you enjoy this recipe.

This recipe will make 8-10 servings! (perfect to freeze and reheat)


- 1 can pumpkin puree (796mL)

- 1 can black beans, red kidney beans and chickpeas (OR your favourite type of bean)

- 4 cloves of garlic (I really LOVE garlic)

- 1/2 spanish onion

- 1 green zucchini

- 1 yellow zucchini

- 3 stalks of celery

- 500g ground turkey, beef, veal or lamb (meat is optional)

- 1 tbsp of black pepper

- 2 tbsp of cumin (I use the whole grain not ground)

- 1 tbsp of paprika

- 1 tbsp of turmeric

How to make it:

1. Chop all of the vegetables (garlic, onion, zucchini and celery)

2. In your slow cooker, add all of the ingredients

3. Stir well and let it cook for 3h on medium setting (my setting is called low)

4. Enjoy!!!!!

Wasn't that easy?

If you do not have a slow cooker- no problem. Grab a big pot and cook it over the stove. This method will require more frequent stirring and attention though, so stay close.

There you go an easy, nutritious meal :)

Let me know how it turned out for you!


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