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Meet Marie-Pier, an anti-diet Registered Dietitian with a B.Sc. in Psychology and the founder of The Balanced Dietitian. She is passionate about helping folx discover how to nourish their bodies without guilt, shame or restrictions. She strives to provide evidenced based nutrition interventions to all her clients and support them in their recovery journeys. Marie-Pier offers one on one counselling as well as an online group program.

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Meet Joelle, an anti-diet Registered Dietitian.

She has a wide range of experience working as a dietitian (long term care, pediatrics, eating disorders, community and home care).  She believes in evidenced based nutrition care and strives to provide a client centred approach to foster a positive and welcoming environment for her clients. Her mission is to help individuals heal their relationship with food and their bodies so they can stop dieting and start living a life that they enjoy. Second to her passion for nutrition, Joelle enjoys dancing and is a director and active member of Culture Shock Ottawa. Joelle offers one on one counselling.

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