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Marie-Pier Pitre-D'Iorio

B.Sc. Psychology | B.Sc. Psychologie      

Registered Dietitian | Diététiste Professionelle

The Balanced Dietitian

Heal your relationship with food and your body.


I am Marie-Pier, a Registered Dietitian!

I want to help you live your best & healthiest life. My practice fills in the gap between nutrition and psychology to help you fuel your body properly and work on having a positive and a growth mindset.

Heal Your Relationship With Food & Your Body 


Are tired of dieting? Tired of feeling guilt and shame around food? Tired of feeling uncomfortable and inadequate in your body? I understand.

I am working on an amazing program for you. This 6 month online program will support and guide you on the journey of healing your relationship with food and your body.  


Marie-Pier is one of the most positive and compassionate individuals I have ever met. She takes a very realistic and non- restrictive approach to nutrition that leads to a sustainable lifestyle. She truly cares about her clients and will work hard for them so they can achieve positive lifestyle milestones. She also has a fitness background so she understands the healthy balance between nutrition and fitness. I highly recommend Marie-Pier’s services


MP has been helping my daughter. She was diagnosed with anorexia in January. In the 6 months that MP has been seeing her, we have seen HUGE changes in our daughter's relationship with food and how she sees herself. MP is always available to answer questions or guide us. Our daughter is eating again and her health and state of mind have both improved. In tandem with our daughter's psychologist, things have moved forward and our happy and healthy daughter is coming back! I don't know where we would be if we had not stumbled upon MP....I could not ask for anyone better. Our daughter truly sees her as a mentor, a friend and most importantly an integral part if her recovery! Thanks MP!!


Marie-Pier is knowledgeable and professional. She makes me feel very welcome and at ease as we talk about my nutrition. Marie-Pier helps balance my diet and set goals for myself, she is easy to work with and I feel as if she truly cares about my health. If you are looking for someone to assist you in a healthier lifestyle, I would recommend The Balanced Dietitian.


It has a been a very beneficial and stress free experience. The program and nature of our sessions is exactly what I was hoping to gain when I started, and I am looking forward to finally breaking up with dieting. i do not have enough good things to say. Highly Recommend!

Are we a good fit? Let's find out!

Schedule your a 15 minute phone call today (free of charge).

We will discuss your goals, current challenges as well as nutritional habits. I want to make sure I can truly help you achieve your goals. 

Are you ready to become a better, healthier you? 

I offer a variety of services to give you the nutrition knowledge and confidence you need to achieve optimal health.

Nutrition Counselling

Pediatric Nutrition

Public Speaking

Nutrition is the cornerstone of health. Everyone is different and there is no one-size-fits-all nutrition plan. Together, we will determine your needs and your goals to find your perfect balance.

Area of practice:

- Emotional Eating

- Eating Disorders

- Intuitive/Mindful Eating

- Optimal Health & Energy

- Sports Nutrition

Your child requires great nutrition to grow big and strong. Most habits are created during childhood therefore it is important to teach our kids the importance of great food.

Area of practice:

-Childhood Obesity

-Picky Eaters

-Optimal Growth

-Creating Healthy Habits

Energetic & engaging talks based on latest scientific evidence on various nutrition topics.  Sharing my knowledge and expertise to make great nutrition more accessible. 

As Seen On CTV  and Rogers TV.

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